about each vintage



"The 2013 Tusk is amoung the prettiest, silkiest, most amazing cabernet's"

- Erik Johnson, Head Sommelier, French Laundry


"2012 Tusk, the tannins are spiraled around the wine in a very charismatic way, fresh and juicy, but with dominant power, taking the mind to the hills of piedmont"

-Philippe Melka




"2011 Tusk, the whole moment is a perfect experience of pleasure

-Philippe Melka


"I dont believe there can ever be a "perfect" wine but the 2010 Tusk is as good as it gets"

-Philippe Melka




"the 2009 Tusk's focus is like an arrow: it's precise and intense, and yet very delicate. It starts off at a five point and expands to fill the palate with rich, silky texture followed by a long finish"

-Philippe Melka


"2008 tusk is a truly special wine that will stand out as one of the best of the vintage"

-Philippe Melka